Rules of the blog

I would like to keep the conversation here civil and positive, so to that end, here is what you can expect if you comment here.

Use your real name, and if you’d like, say in what community you live.

I will remove any comments that are: obscene, harassing, threatening, involve commercial promotion, promote illegal activities, violate a copyright or are personal attacks.

I won’t remove comments that are critical of me or my library based policy issues, comments from people I disagree with or just simply viewpoints I disagree with.

These rules are obviously open to interpretation, so I invite your questions or comments.


4 responses to “Rules of the blog

  1. Andrew Poultridge

    Emmett, this is the best Timberland related news I have heard in a while. I hope you can influence the new director’s hiring and bring the TRL web page into the 21st century.

    In addition to an online agenda I think it would be swell to explore ways for citizens to attend the board meetings remotely. TRL covers over 7,000 square miles so there is always someone who is a long way away no matter where in the district the meeting is held.

  2. Up to this point I’ve not posted one comment that came in anonymous and I’ve posted another that was anonymous. My reasoning for posting the later was because I thought it was very important to the discussion on hand. I understand I violated my own rule, but at the time it seemed like a harmless thing to do in face of the conversation we were having.


  3. Connie Moreno

    I do not know any of you and have no particular interest in any of this except one comment posted by Michael Crose. I googled my mother’s name (Mary Stough) and this is one of the sites that came up.

    I was present when Michael visited my mother. Trust me she was in no condition to speak that day, much less make that ridiculous comment to him that Michael attributes to her. Don’t know the man but I certainly don’t appreciate him blatantly lying about someone who is deseased and cannot refute him.

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