Emmett O’Connell
Olympia, WA

I was recently appointed to a position on the board of trustees of the Timberland Regional Library. I want to use this blog to collect my thoughts, share what the library board of trustees and the library itself is up to and share ideas.

This is not now, nor do I plan it to be, an official blog of Timberland Regional Library or the board of trustees. So, nothing here represents the views of that  organization, the board of trustees or anything else aside from myself.

About the header photo: That picture up there is a clip of  an early 80s service map for TRL published in a college thesis written by our current library director.

About the blog title: I took the quote “supports an active, informed community” from the Timberland Regional Library’s mission as stated in the 2001 annual report:

The Timberland Regional Library District was created by and belongs to the people it serves. The Library exists to advance intellectual curiosity, promote lifelong learning and enrich environments in which minds can grow. It supports an active, informed community by providing all people with access to materials in various formats representing diverse points of view.


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