New “Maker kits” at Timberland Libraries (coming soon)

From the Department reports for tomorrow’s meeting, a reference to the development of Maker Kits:

In addition to revising and updating existing kits, we will develop new kits center on the theme of “Maker Kits” based on the concept of “Maker Spaces”. These kits will all enable the involvement of participants in creative activities extending their skills and interests by providing tools and materials not normally available in their communities. 45 examples of maker spaces were reviewed from a “Maker Spaces” web site, and we will individually and collectively work on implementation ideas for this year.

Last year there was a short discussion (online and otherwise) about hosting a Makerspace at the Olympia library. Obviously, space is an issue, but it is great to see our staff making positive moves in this direction!


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One response to “New “Maker kits” at Timberland Libraries (coming soon)

  1. Moe

    Reminds me a bit of this:
    Note the most recent comment, from Eric S.

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