Tracking down an old buddy (other services story and other materials for the next meeting)

Our next meeting is coming up in Salkum this Wednesday. Here’s one of the always awesome service stories (this one from Hoodsport):

A husband and wife stopped into the library and asked how to locate someone in Potlatch, WA. Since there is no official Potlatch city, we asked more questions. The husband was trying to locate a buddy who had served with him in Vietnam. They were split up during the war and he did not even know if his friend had survived. He gave us his name and we looked in the phone book with no success. However, the last name was uncommon and they had the phone number of another family with the last name. We knew them as regular library users, so suggested they call them. The couple walked out into the parking lot, placed the call, and found information that could lead them to Florida and locating his long lost, but not forgotten buddy. We have yet to hear the rest of the story, but hope someday we will.

Where else in the community would someone have been able to drop in an have an experience like this?

You can find the rest of the meeting materials here, including the meeting tentative agenda.


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