Read the service story this month from North Mason. Seriously.

There are a lot of great service stories this month, but this is the one that hit me the hardest:

A mother and her seventeen year old daughter came into the library about a week and a half ago. The mother explained to me that her daughter had suffered a severe head injury in April, and that she had been unconscious for approximately 10 days before she awoke. The girl’s reading comprehension skills had taken a severe decline and also affected her speech. The mother explained that she could not comprehend anything they tried to put in front of her to read. The girl’s tastes had even changed. Things she liked before the accident, she didn’t care for now. So, she had no idea what she liked when it
came to genres. At first, we considered getting some audio books for the girl so she could read in conjunction with a teen book to see if that helped. But after doing some searching and seeing the girl look overwhelmed with teen books and underwhelmed at the content of juvenile books, I suggested the girl try some graphic novels. I asked her if she would be more interested in something about a character, or something with a compelling story (R.A. training kicked in!). She said character, so I recommended American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. After initially perusing the book, she seemed to like it and wanted to check it out. Today, mother and daughter returned, and were looking for more books like American Born Chinese. The girl looked really excited to be in the library to find more graphic novels. I was able to print a list for them off of novel list of character driven graphic novels for teens and adults. And they also had me place Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi on hold. I was really happy that I could help a struggling girl be excited about books, reading, art, and even culture, just by doing my job! Submitted by Larissa Hammond


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