Internet filtering discussion and director search (from the last meeting)

Of course, you can always watch the meeting itself here, but there are two items from the last board meeting (just about a month ago) that are worth mentioning.

1. The Policy committee will take up the topic of internet filtering in the library beginning in June. We’re taking this up now because the federal court in eastern Washington recently ruled on Bradburn v. North Central. The decision allows for more a more stringent filtering regime than what we currently use, basically all filtering all the time.

I don’t have strong feelings about this, other than wanting to at least clearly spell out what our current policy is. Right now, we have defacto all filtered buildings and some with a mix of all filtered and non-filtering internet machines. This isn’t clearly spelled out in our current policies, which are vague enough to allow the current practice.

Also, I’d like to bring together the three policies that cover internet use (computer use, internet use and internet use compliance measures).

In the short term, the policy committee will start out with a broad discussion in June before getting down to more specific options during a later meeting.

2. We also discussed how to approach hiring for the library director position. We were shown options for how to deploy staff and board time during the process, and we settled on a mix of a consultant, some staff involvement and a small group of board members.


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