Watch our board meetings on the internet

The TRL board of trustees may not be on public access television, but we are on the internet. You can watch the last two and all of our upcoming board meetings here.

One of the best criticisms of the Timberland board was that unlike a lot of other local governing boards, we don’t tape or broadcast our meetings. I have to give all of the credit for this to Jeff Kleingartner, TRL’s communication manager. He researched and found a very inexpensive solution, only costing us just over $100 a month plus staff time.


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One response to “Watch our board meetings on the internet

  1. Jeff Kleingartner

    Thank you for the compliment Emmett. I must give credit to Timberland’s IT Department, specifically Gwen Culp and Steve Cosper who have worked very closely with the vendor and myself to bring this new technology to library board meetings and the reason the recordings have been so successful.

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