Documents for the meeting tomorrow night (community chats!)

Tomorrow night the board of trustees will meet at the Timberland Service Center in Tumwater. Here is the entire documents list, including an agenda.

1. The most interesting reading for me is the outline and schedule of community chats throughout the district in May. These open, public events are an important and early part of our new yearly strategic and budget process.

Here is the schedule:

Monday, May 7- Chehalis Timberland Library @ 5pm
Wednesday, May 9 – Salkum Timberland Library @ 1:30pm
Thursday, May 10 – Shelton Timberland Library @ 5pm
Tuesday, May 15 – Administrative Center @ 5pm
Wednesday, May 16 – Lacey Timberland Library @ 5pm
Monday, May 21 – Montesano Timberland Library @ 5pm
Wednesday, May 30 – Ilwaco Timberland Library @ 4pm

2. Best service story of the month. Read them all though.

A patron that we have not noticed in our building before walked in very frantic. He just came from the clinic in town and thought the doctor told him he was going to die. He wanted to look up what the doctor had told him while he waited for a call back from the clinic. He was shown our medical reference section and we suggested the database if he needed more information. He was so relieved after reading about his issue. He wasn’t going to die and it wasn’t as serious as he thought. He was really happy to have a resource in “plain English” and he was better prepared to ask questions when the clinic called him back.

3. From the Directors report includes an update on Morton (among other topics), but there’ another service story that puts some more perspective on the possibility of a library in that Lewis County community:

This month we heard a lot of positive feedback from Morton residents who attended the library presentation. It is exciting to hear area residents so excited about the possibility of joining Timberland. The local buzz has also been positive in Mossyrock. As we continue to build these relationships, we find more people committed to the library. Today, the Mossyrock School District purchased four full year family cards for city-dwelling families with children in the schools migrant assistance program. One family already visited the library this evening, and was thrilled to see our Spanish language collection and Internet computers and friendly staff. It is wonderful that in such a tough economy, people more than ever see the value of the library as a resource, and as a special place in the heart of the community.


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