A thought on public official blogging and losing steam on this blog

Its obvious I’m posting a lot less here. And, it’s certainly not because I like blogging less or that I’m thinking less about libraries. Actually, the opposite is true in both respects.

I think I’m hitting a wall that a lot of public officials must hit when they try to sustain a blog and do their work at the same time. This is especially becoming apparent in the last two months since I’ve become board president.

I just spend a lot of my time thinking and acting in email and phone conversations about the district and preparing for meetings. Also, the change seems so incremental, it seems like I’d be repeating myself if I posted another blog. By the time I’m done with those or something has changed, I’ve lost inertia.

But, this is exactly the sort of situation that I’ve not liked about public officials in the past. So, hopefully by calling myself out I’ll blog more.

Here’s hoping.


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