Agenda and items for next Wednesday’s meeting

Several items for next Wednesday’s meeting where posted up and sent around this morning:

Agenda (December 28 meeting)

Financial statements for November 2011

Director’s Report, December 2011

Department Report, December 2011

Several important updates in this report, including a description of a survey going out to TRL patrons soon:

TRL’s public will be invited to take a general satisfaction survey by January 2012.  The survey includes a short (2-3 minutes), regular (7 minutes) and in-depth (15  minutes) versions. Staff have taken the survey and provided input regarding minor  changes that more closely match TRL’s services and resources. TRL’s website  homepage will include a large graphic promoting the survey to garner what we hope  will be thousands of responses during the two-month timeframe the survey is available.

Service Stories

This one is always full of great stuff, especially this one this month:

A woman came to the Library asking how she could get a library card. She recently moved to Randle from a much bigger area out of state. She was so happy to discover that Randle had a library. After explaining to her all of the services and information TRL has to offer she could not believe that our library had so many more services available to her. She explained that her previous Library was three times bigger than our Library and it did not even begin to have as much as TRL. She left with a big smile on her face stating the staff will be seeing her quite often as she planned to use the Library at least two times a week.
Submitted by Nancy Sawyer, Library Manager

These kinds of stories really remind me of what a great institution TRL really is. We often forget what kind of libraries communities like Randle would have if not for Timberland. By being able to leverage the support of five counties, every one of our communities really does benefit.

Surplus list, December 2011

Board meeting recordings local television report

In January we’ll start recording and posting on the web our trustee meetings. This report explores the possibility of also distributing them through local public access television.

Facilities Report 2011



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2 responses to “Agenda and items for next Wednesday’s meeting

  1. Tom Joselyn

    Any word on last night’s meeting?

    • emmettoconnell

      We finalized the budget, elected officers for next year (me as president, John Braun as president elect) and dealt with the director evaluation in executive session.

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