Clearing out the links

I have a back log of things I’ve meant to blog about, but haven’t gotten to since early September. So, instead of just letting them fall of the radar, I’m going to just start posting links in batches until the archive is clear.

1. Making the Case for Support of Libraries

And you must share not just with people that are using your services, but especially with those who don’t ever visit the library: the elected officials, the high income voters, the leaders in your communities, and the potential private funders. Contact the media, speak at local community meetings (neighborhood associations, rotary, PTA), have a booth at the farmer’s market or grocery store one week, set up meetings with local leaders, do whatever it takes to be visible.

This point is the most important, getting the word out to civic center of your community the good work the library does. OCLC calls these folks the “greater good.”

2. Amazon May Soon Launch a “Netflix for Books”

Mix together one part rebranding fines as “extended use fees” or just a Netflix program and one part mailing books to patrons, and you have Netflix for Books.

3. Information Outlook: Advocating for Librarians – Versus Libraries

Libraries are buildings, librarians are the service.

4. Library Future.0

5. Revolutionising Libraries with Social Media


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