Meeting documents up for Elma, more on the filtering case

The documents for the trustee meeting in Elma are online, and there’s one interesting thing to note on the agenda. We’re likely to discuss the current status of the Bradburn vs. North Central case, which is going into its next phase.

The federal district court has scheduled a hearing on October 19 for oral arguments in response to the state Supreme Court decision last year. The state court ruled that NCRL’s filtering policy of filtered internet access all the time was allowed under the state constitution. Now, the federal court will consider the state’s decision before making their final ruling. Of course, we could have several more rounds before this is finally settled.

Since then, my opinion on this case hasn’t changed much. Now isn’t a good time to make a change in our internet policy, since even the decision by a district court won’t settle the case. I don’t want to revisit our policy each time another court makes another decision. Timberland’s policy is different (more open) than NCRL’s, but it is legal and I think it works.



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2 responses to “Meeting documents up for Elma, more on the filtering case

  1. I agree; now is not the time to change the policy on Internet filtering. I’ve seen more disruption than stability when organizations look to outside forces to set the pace for IT changes. If the filtering policy isn’t working for the library itself or the customers they serve, THEN you could be talking about changing it. Otherwise, the risk of having external public debate sway your systems is too big, and would be hugely annoying to boot.

    Keep up the good work!

    • emmettoconnell

      On the other hand, dealing with the internet just from the filtering side I think is short sighted. While it might not rise to the level of a board policy, I think seeing the relationship between the internet and libraries as something to be curated, not filtered, is more productive.

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