Getting close to an agreement with our union

Here’s an update from our human resources director in the documents for the next meeting  tomorrow in Amanada Park:

  • Timberland and AFSCME worked out a compromise on the issue of Union security — the last issue to be negotiated. All employees will be allowed a one-time option to be grandfathered out of the Union. After that, Union membership will be a term and condition of employment.
  • Results of the Union vote on ratification should be announced soon. If the Union ratifies the contract, it will be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval. Contract negotiations for the supervisor unit and for 2012 on insurance benefits and wages should begin soon.
Here are the results from the union (posted on their website):
The Base Chapter contract has been ratified with an OVERWHELMING
97.7% YES vote!! This is a historic vote of confidence in our Negotiating team and in AFSCME and signifies a watermark change in labor relations between Timberland Regional Library and its union workers.

I’m glad we’re getting to the close of this nearly two year long process. We’ve been through months of negotiation, an unfair labor practice, and I think we came down to a fairly decent agreement.

I’m especially glad that the issue of union security was settled. This is the union shop debate.  And, when it comes down to it, I’m a union shop person.


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