Wikipedia editing at the library (let’s do this!)

A short twitter conversation between a handful of folks around Olympia pointed strongly to doing something like this.

Just the “editing wikipedia with library resources” is an amazing idea. Simple and plenty obvious, but amazing too. Nothing much else to say, except I’m glad someone is paying attention and that I really hope this happens.



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8 responses to “Wikipedia editing at the library (let’s do this!)

  1. Chad

    great opportunity for neighborhoods to contribute material —

  2. Kelsey Smith

    Should we get together and talk about what this would look like? What dates and times work for folks? I’m pretty booked up until early September…

  3. Oh, and I agree that meeting up in real life would probably make it easier. I’m out of town until the 29th. I’ll be out of town October 14-16. Otherwise my calendar is completely empty (besides work from 8-5 on weekdays).

  4. Kelsey Smith

    Some possible dates and times for me: Friday, September 2nd (any time), Friday, Sept 9th (before 3), Friday, Sept 16th (any time). Or most non-Friday evenings after 7.

  5. Kelsey Smith

    Okay, it’s September! When are we meeting to talk about this?

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