Okay, maybe just a few from the service stories

Here are my favorites from the recent batch of service stories in the meeting packet.

From Naselle:

Earlier in the month, in our children’s section, I was chatting with some families. The story time session was over, and this particular day one of the regulars, a little girl, asked me to do story time. I said that I hadn’t picked any out, but I would love it if she would do story time for me. So, after nicely removing me from my chair, she waited for the other kids to circle around. She told them that she couldn’t read yet, but she would tell them a story. One little boy came to sit next to her, and she told him he could be her helper. She went on to create a story about a little kitten who didn’t have a home of her own, and instead ‘traveled around and around’ looking for somewhere to live. She found a little bed one night, but ‘it wasn’t a home’. The next day she continued traveling, and found a house, but ‘it wasn’t a home.’ The day after that, she found an igloo, ‘and moved right in’. And she followed up her story with a song, just like we do it in story time, and everyone joined in for a verse of “You Are My Sunshine,” followed by a round of applause.

From Tumwater:

A woman came into the library yesterday and handed Bernard her business card. She said, “You may not remember me, but I was in several months ago and you spent quite a bit of time with me, helping me to put together my resume. I just wanted you to know that I got a great job!” She thanked him for his help.


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