Historic material for the Yelm discussion

Here are a few new (well old) documents about the original agreement between Timberland Regional Library and the City of Yelm about how the lease would operate between the two entities.

There was some discussion in the Nisqually Valley News last week about the details of the original lease and how it impacted the overall payments of the city and TRL.

Here is the original lease and its amendment. The amendment clearly spells out that Yelm would pay a per-capita facility fee to TRL, covering more and more of the lease cost as the city grew. However, the city never grew to the point that it could end up taking over the majority of the lease, leaving the balance to TRL.

And, here is an outline of how the city and TRL have paid for the Yelm branch over the past 10 years.

One aspect of the history of the agreement that I can’t find is that at the end of the lease, that Yelm would continue on in the traditional manner of providing a library building. I remember reading this in the past, but I’ll need to look it back up.


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