Public support for Yelm’s library


At the last trustee meeting, about a dozen or so folks from Yelm braved the harsh cold (and icy) weather to let us know about their feelings about the possible closure of their library.

During the public comment period, we received 236 letters of support of the library. I was planning on posting all of them (since TRL staff scanned them into pdf for the trustees). But some of them included the street address’s of minors, so you’ll just have to take my word.

All of them are great expressions of why a library matters in any community.

These letters are a great expression of the support for the library in Yelm, which hasn’t always had such¬†representation. Two years ago, the levy lid lift results in Yelm were in the 30s. In comparison, the results in Olympia were in the 60s and in Lacey in the high 40s.


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One response to “Public support for Yelm’s library

  1. kelsie raddas

    Thanks for posting these! I was so impressed by the things people said in their letters. The people of Yelm really do love their library! We are doing another display, like the one last year, where people write what they love about their library on a big dot and tape it to the reference desk. Some many great things on there! I’ll be taking photos and putting them on the library facebook page.

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