Bookmyne lets you manage your Timberland Library account from your mobile device

I’ve been waiting since December or so for Bookmyne to work on my iPod, and after only Aberdeen being available, the app seemed fully functional tonight.

This is a zoom-in of the screen that allows you to choose your library. Every library in the district seems to be available, but I’m a little unsure why you need to choose one particular library as opposed to the district itself. Its probably a hold over from systems that only have a single branch or confederations of libraries that might not be as integrated as Timberland.

The only shortcoming for me right now is the search function. You can only apparently search by keyword, and unless you spell out very specifically what you want, there is no other way to narrow the search. For example, looking for the first season of The Wire tonight, I couldn’t search “the wire” and narrow down to DVDs. In the end, searching for “The Wire, season 1” worked.

In the end, very useful app.  I should also be available on Android (which it isn’t yet), but its very handy to be able to search and manage your account through an app, rather than on the web, especially since our web catalog isn’t all that great on a mobile browser.

Also, want to say a big thanks to the Timberland technical staff that was able to connect our system to Bookmyne. Even though the app and our online catalog are made by the same vendor, a good amount of work had to be done our own end to get things working. Good job folks.


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