Restating my position on the Yelm library situation

Its more than likely that Yelm Mayor Ron Harding will provide some details tomorrow about the future of Yelm’s library in his state of the city address.

Its also likely that Timberland Library’s relationship with cities in regards to how libraries buildings are funded will be up for discussion. To that end, I want to restate my thoughts on Yelm and library facilities in annexed cities in general.

1. The Yelm library provides no more service to patrons outside city limits than any other Timberland Library. The Yelm Library is not really a “regional” library, actually its kind of average in this regard.

2. There’s a long reason Timberland Library has depended on cities to provide facilities for libraries inside city boundaries and that TRL provides facilities in unicorportated areas (like Ocean Park recently). That doesn’t mean the situation is particularly fair (city residents are double taxed), but Timberland can’t afford — right now at least — for the situation to be any other way. In short, we can’t give Yelm one deal that we aren’t prepared to give Tenino, Yelm, Olympia or Lacey.

3. There is another way: LCFA. A Library Capital Facility Area would spread the cost of a new facility beyond city limits to all patrons around the city.


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