Agenda (no packet items yet) for Wednesday night

Wednesday night, the board of trustees will have a regular meeting at the TRL Service Center. Lots of interesting stuff on the agenda (embedded below) including updates on building projects in Ocean Park, Oakville and Cosmopolis.

Cosmopolis is a new one for me, I haven’t seen it come up before since I’ve been on the board or in any previous minutes I remember. There had been a small library in Cosmopolis at least through the 80s (#5 on my header), but it apparently shut down because the city could no longer afford to keep it open. Also, since Cosmopolis is so close to Aberdeen, most people were pretty well served by that library anyway. I’m looking forward to hearing what’s going on with that city.

Also on the agenda is the Leadership Development Program that the trustees decided to have developed after the hiring process for the library director last summer.

Lastly (but certainly not least) is the almost year long strategic planning process.



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3 responses to “Agenda (no packet items yet) for Wednesday night

  1. I noticed a lot of new library management books come into the library, which I figured was part of the leadership development program. This is convenient timing for me, since I’m about to start a management position myself, so I put holds on a lot of them.

    In the process I saw that there is an entire book about how to manage shelvers in the library. This seems like overkill to me, but then, I’ve never managed shelvers. Maybe they’re a rowdy lot?

    • emmettoconnell

      I started to read this last night (I love anything by OCLC by the way) but for some reason I messed up printing if off and only got even numbers.

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