The final Timberland Regional Library budget for 2011

Nothing much has changed between when we approved this budget on Wednesday night and when we started seeing early drafts in October, but its still nice to look through the final version.

Here is a link to the document.

Here are the highlights:

1. There are two additional positions in the budget. One in IT (which I think is needed badly) and adding a half time page position in Tumwater and a children’s associate in Centralia. The addition in Centralia brings their staffing to par with other similar sized libraries. To balance these additions, we’ll finally cut the community relations position, which had not been filled last year.

2. In the end, we’re borrowing $285,828 from our $6 million in cash reserves to balance this budget.

The budget itself is good reading, especially the narrative part that spells out the goals we have for this year.

You can also browse the budget document here:



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2 responses to “The final Timberland Regional Library budget for 2011

  1. Thanks for sharing! I couldn’t get the Google Docs link to work, but the Scribd doc worked fine. I didn’t see anything in the budget about the new positions – I’m curious about the new IT position. Can you provide any more details?

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