Agenda and Documents for Dec. 29 board meeting

Here’s the agenda.

Interesting topics include an update on a possible new facility in Oakville. Both the Olympian and Chronicle (and the News Tribune) ran a story about the community coming together down there to possibly fund a new library on school district property.

We’ll also do the real work of budgeting by approving our final budget and set our levy rates. There’s not much to say about the budget, its pretty much a status quo document compared to last year’s when the real news was cutting our library pages and instituting fines. Also, last time I checked, we’re borrowing over $200,000 from our reserves to pay for next year’s budget.

And, here are the service stories, including a really good one from Elma:

Lately I’ve been helping a veteran of the Korean War find resourcesfor a book he is writing about his experiences during the war. Last time he said “my cousin is always trying to get me to buy a computerbut I tell him the library is so much better than a computer anytime.I can’t really think of anything that is better for the common good of society than the library.”

And, here’s the financial report. Nothing much to report there, other than the ongoing story of increased income from state forest harvest (400+ percent of what is budgeted) and drastically decreased income from private forest harvest (20 percent of budget).


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