The vote last night on benefits and salary for non-union represented employees

At the end of the meeting last night, the trustees took a vote on salaries and benefits for the employees (except for the director) who are not represented by a union.

On a 5-1 vote (I voted no) we decided to extend that set of employees no cost of living increase for the next year, that current pay steps would stay in place, total coverage for vision, dental and life insurance and up to $760 a month towards medical insurance.

I wanted to quickly explain why I voted no.

First, while I am sensitive to a group of employees who have no voice in our current negotiations with the union (I’m not represented by a union at work, and economic conditions regarding medical seem to change every year, and its aggravating), I didn’t want to create different levels of economic realities for two different sets of employees.

Second, I am sensitive how this could be viewed as a strategic negotiating tactic. We are still negotiating with the union on a contract and I’m wans’t comfortable moving forward in that light.

All that said, I was out-voted last night, so I’m not going to dwell anymore on this decision.


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