Come on down to the budget hearing (one hour early)

We’ll be meeting an hour earlier this month so we can squeeze in a budget hearing. This is mostly for the public to let us know what they think about our proposed budget. I wrote about the draft budget we approved last month here.

But, here are the highlights:

  • Borrowing $238,212 from our reserve fund to balance the budget.
  • Defunding the Timberland Regional Library Foundation. This has been a major issue the last few meetings, and I apologize for only bringing it up now. The problem for me has been that I am of two minds on the issue. While I see need for a fully functioning foundation, I also realize that the cost to develop one may be beyond our resources.
  • Lowering the materials budget from 14 percent to 13.7 percent of expenditures. Library director Mike Crose commented at our meeting that he’d like to look at the materials budget on a per-capita basis because he feels that it might be a better way to compare our materials spending to other systems.
  • Filling a previously unfilled position in information services (IT), adding a half time page position in Tumwater and a children’s associate in Centralia. The addition in Centralia brings their staffing to par with other similar sized libraries.
  • To balance these additions, we’ll finally cut the community relations position, which had not been filled last year.

So, we’ll be at the TRL Service Center in Tumwater (map link) .


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