Service stories: Mountain climbing man and other summer adventure

I love the service stories we get in our trustee packet each month. Two jump out at me this month, the first from Mountain View:

One sunny afternoon, a bicyclist with a small trailer pulled up at
Mountain View. He came in with his laptop and as soon as he spoke we knew he was not from around here-he was from Belgium. After he did what he needed to do, we asked about the website that was displayed on the side of his bike trailer (www.the highest He explained that he is on a 3 year mission to climb the highest mountain in every county in the Americas, and travels from peak to peak by bicycle! He wanted to see Mt. St. Helens, so Mary gave him a few suggestions and printed some maps for him. Now we
are following his trip (as best we can since we don’t speak French)
on his website and Facebook.

And Packwood:

One of the local attractions, at this time of year, is the Pacific Crest Trail. We get many of the hardy souls who traverse this 2650 mile trail that extends from Canada to the Mexican border. This year has been no exception, despite the unusually wet month of September. One young lady, hiking by herself sought sanctuary from the rain in our library. She was trying to find a ride from Packwood to Snoqualmie Pass, so that when the weather, which was predicted to be good, changed she would be dry and could finish her trek from there. The library staff gave her suggestions about where to leave her name and number at various businesses in town. We also gave her an alternative of catching the local transit bus to Centralia to the Gray hound station then she could take a bus to Ellensburg, which stops at the summit for a break. The lady was extremely happy to hear she had some alternatives to trying to hitchhike. She also found out it was our mature audience movie night, so she came back to have a warm dry evening of entertainment before leaving Packwood.

And another one from Packwood, because it points out how nice TRL staff really are and how great our regional system is. This could not have happened between two city-based libraries:

An elderly patron came in with two small pieces of microfiche and wanted them printed out. We don’t have a reader, so I called Selina at Centralia. She said that we could send the microfiche to her and she would print the copies and send them back. When I explained the timeframe to the patron, she asked, reluctantly, if she could just go to the Centralia Library herself. I printed out a map with directions, and gave her Selina’s name. When she walked in, Selina immediately greeted her as asked if she was from Winlock. Dale Carroll has used the reader extensively, so Selina asked Dale to help her. Our patron came in today and told us that she was really tickled with the treatment that she received. She said that she didn’t even go to that library, but they made her feel right at home.


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  1. Bob

    RE: the Mountain View story
    It appears the web address is:
    and if one doesn’t read French, just put address into google translate.

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