Meeting reports: Nice new logo for Timberland Regional Library

A few months ago, the trustees discussed a possible change in Timberland’s logo. Well, here it is. UPDATE 11-9 12:01 p.m.: I didn’t even notice it, but the circle at the top of the logo that I’d originally posted wasn’t part of the logo at all, it was an example of what a keychain would look like with the logo on it. I didn’t even notice the circle. No circle, just people reachin’ for knowledge. Thanks to Jeff Kleingartner for the actual vertical logo.

Here’s the report and the various presentations of the logo.

What I like more than the logo, was the argument staff made for moving forward with a new logo. Jeff Kleingartner, TRL’s communications manager, presented a survey he’d conducted. The result was that our logo didn’t at all represent our mission and hardly anyone recognized the logo. In just Thurston County, only 9 percent recognized our tree/moon logo as one of our logos.

One of the things you’ll find missing is a book, something I really expected to be included somewhere in the logo. When we looked at logos of other library systems, the book seemed omnipresent. One of the options we didn’t choose included a book.

While I was expecting it to be included, I’m not sad that it isn’t. While most people associate books with libraries and consider them integral parts, I’m not such a big fan of the association. This is because I see the library model of supporting a circulation collection as being dated. Circulating collections likely have a long future, but the future of the library as a a platform for unique and local content is much brighter.



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8 responses to “Meeting reports: Nice new logo for Timberland Regional Library

  1. Okay … but why are they playing basketball?

    Seriously, though, I’m sorry to say I don’t like it.

    • emmettoconnell

      What elements are missing for you?

      Something I didn’t say above is that the words “Timberland Regional Library” wouldn’t ever be separate from the reaching figures, so we’d never really rely on the image alone.

  2. kelsey

    I asked my daughter what she saw, and she said “two dudes jumping towards a ball.”

  3. kelsey

    It actually is better without the ball, which I now understand is actually the representation of a hole for the keychain card. I like the fact that there’s people in it. The tree is kind of hard to see, but maybe we’re going for subtle there. I like the typography.

  4. Glenn Blackmon

    It sure looks a lot like the logo for Big Brothers/Big Sisters:
    There is a heart between the two people in BB/BS, where there is a tree between the two in TRL.

    • emmettoconnell

      Wow, that is a striking similarity. Maybe its the same two people, contributing their time to various logos in SW Washington.

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