Reference service talking points

After having not really found what I was looking for (thanks for the help commenters!), I just started taking notes, and below is I think a decent start on talking points promoting the use of reference services by web enabled people that might not otherwise see the need.

  • While Google has made you your own reference librarian, google (and other net based tools) has also made your reference librarian 1,000 more powerful. Think you’re good at search? The reference librarian is better than you.
  • Do you believe everything you hear? How many times in the week does someone forward an email to you that can quickly be called a hoax simply by checking There’s a lot more out there that’s not on snopes.
  • Its a bummer, but not all information is free. How much if the web is searchable on Google? What is called the surface web makes up just a small part of the entire web. The deep web includes databases and archives that reference librarians not only have access to, but know how to navigate.
  • Even if all the knowledge in the world was accessible through Google, it would still help to have a local and free research team on your side.
  • Knowledge is power, information is money. That’s why the best is hard to come by. Your reference librarian can tip the scales in your favor.
  • Granted, reference services aren’t for everyone, most people have about as much information that they need. But for the truly curious and for people who want the best answer, local and free help is accessible with reference librarians.

I think this is a good start, if folks want to help edit these, I’ll set them up as a wiki.


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