Notes from the last meeting: Focus on the Naselle library

The Naselle Library is a great building, beautiful looking and while maybe feeling a little cramped, was easy to navigate. Two things struck me about the focus on the library. During the focus on the library portion of the meeting, presented by Naselle librarian Michelle Zilli:

Like many small rural libraries in Timberland, the building is popular in the community, because it is the one of the only few places open after dark. And, I imagine the only one that caters to the entire family. This isn’t something new or unique to Naselle, its very common, but it is something worth remembering.

Also, Naselle issues about 30 percent of the non-county resident library cards in the entire system. This is because the Naselle school district includes portions of Wahkiakum County, which doesn’t itself have a county library. So, some kids who attend school in Naselle aren’t automatically allowed to check out books from the Nasell library without getting an out of county card.


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