Notes from the last meeting: facilities in Yelm and Oakville

I’m working on the meeting reports from a couple of weeks ago in Naselle. My apologies for not getting these out earlier.

Yelm is still in a holding pattern of sorts while we wait to hear from the city on any possible sights for the library after the current lease expires after next year.

Currently, the old “cop shop” is the only location I’ve heard referred to specifically. Currently, TRL is taking a close look at this site to see if its suitable for a library and what improvements might need to be made. I like this location mostly because its right next door to a skate park and a fairly large park.

In Oakville, some really exciting stuff is happening. The city of Oakville, the Friends of the Oakville Library, the Chehalis Tribe, TRL and the Chehalis School District are coming together to develop some sort of new facility.

Currently, the library is housed in a portion of the Oakville city hall and it has been a goal of the local community to get a new building.

Basically, there are two options:

1. The Friends of the Oakville Library own a fairly good sized building and have $70,000 to turn it into a library. TRL is developing a cost estimate to see how much it would cost to convert the building into a library. And, the Friends would cover the utilities while the city would cover all other utilities.

2. The other option would be some sort of joint faclity between either the city or TRL and the school district. Apparently, there would be some support from the Chehalis Tribe for this option.

Working with school districts that are wholly part of Timberland (no portions of the school district lay outside TRL) is a big intrest of mine. I think there’s a lot to say for the cross over between local schools and libraries in their missions. Plus, using a school district as a funding source for a facility would spread the burden to taxpayers outside of the city limits.

My only concern would be crafting a joint use agreement to balance the needs of a school and public library.


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