Kicking off our long-range planning process Saturday (now with agenda)

UPDATE 12:56 pm, October 5: Here’s the meeting agenda and press release.

The board of trustees will meet at the L&I building in Tumwater (7273 Linderson Way) this Saturday (October 9) starting at 9a . We’ll be meeting until 3 in the afternoon, and among other things, we’ll kick off our process for long-term planning for the district.

This is a public meeting, a quorum of the trustees should be in attendance. While the public is invited to come, we won’t be taking any public comment at this meeting. Of course, you can always email me (eoconnell *at* trlib *dot* org or any of the other trustees) whenever you have a thought.

After some board education sessions in the morning, we’ll begin discussing the shape and the focus of our next five year strategic plan. From what we’re planning now, development of the plan will take just over a year, wrapping up around this time late in 2011.

I’m really looking forward to this process, at minimum I think this will be an exciting way to reengage our patrons and people throughout the district in what they want out of their library and how they’d like to see Timberland evolve. Libraries are the center of a very of the information revolution, and I think we can reposition Timberland to better serve the information needs of citizens in our five counties.

Since we’re just talking about the scope of the planning process, and not neccesarily the results, these are the things I’m thinking about:

  • An ongoing online forum, not unlike the ones recently conducted by the state departments of Natural Resources and Ecology.
  • Engaging local library boards and friends groups to help get public input.

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