The final (vote) count: library elections go six for six

August 17 ended up being a landslide for library elections (okay, there were a few close ones). But, you have to admit, it is pretty impressive that when given the chance, voters didn’t fail to support their local libraries.

I’ve speculated about the reasons for this. My thoughts boil down to rural areas supporting their libraries in slow economic times and that when faced with actual building closures, voters react.

What are your thoughts?

And, yes, the original title of this post was “seven for seven.” I can’t count or was just really excited. Or both.



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6 responses to “The final (vote) count: library elections go six for six

  1. I think that more people are realizing the need for advocacy for their libraries, as well (and this includes the libraries themselves). No one is taking for granted anything the library does, and they’re working hard to get the word out about what those things are. I think it helps that in tough times libraries are one of those places that get used more, rather than less, so their perceived value increases greatly.

    Will TRL go out for another attempt next year?

  2. Also … isn’t that 6 for 6?

  3. kelsey

    TRL’s campaign was totally bungled in every possible way. I wish we could say we were in that group of victories.

  4. kelsey

    Also, maybe the cupcake/library comparison helped. Kidding.

  5. emmettoconnell

    @ahniwa I’m not sure if TRL needs to go for a levy lift soon, the last time I heard any budget projections, we seemed to be holding pretty steady at the moment. No improvement, but not cuts or dipping into reserves either. We are still headed there long term, but I hope we have a couple of years to plan beforehand.

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