If you search “library kiosk” and “post office”

If you search “library kiosk” and “post office” you sure don’t come up with much #lunchtimegooglediversion



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2 responses to “If you search “library kiosk” and “post office”

  1. I saw two presentations about information kiosks at the Reference Renaissance conference last week. Pretty interesting stuff; seems like a great, low-cost way to expand service!

    Do you think post offices would be a good service point?

  2. emmettoconnell

    I agree. It seems TRL has been on the cutting edge in terms of kiosk development, they’re an entire second tier of branch for us. I saw and application for a state of Washington library grant from Pierce County libraries seeking funds to develop a kiosk. I wondered why they just didn’t copy and paste TRL’s.

    Anyway, yes, post offices seem like a logical service point. They’re open during the day and usually have a live body around. They serve a similar purpose (for people picking up mail) and are practically the only public building in a lot of places. I can’t think of a small community that doesn’t have one.

    Plus, they don’t have the interaction problems that public schools do.

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