Ocean Park meeting: Director hire and leadership development program

I suppose the most interesting thing the trustees did in Ocean Park on Wednesday was to vote to hire Michael Crose as our next director. The terms are $115,000 salary, $8,500 car allowance, a three year term.

There was a discussion on the title Crose would have, and we landed on director. The term interim, it was felt, would limit the level or seriousness he would be taken when speaking for the district to outside organization.

Another change from our original motion was to extend his term from two to three years, the general logic being so that he could see through some initiatives (such as our broadband effort) without needing to change leaders in part way through.

During the same part of the meeting, we also decided to hire a business manager to take over some of the duties Crose performed as Administrative Services director and to leave the Admin Services job open until Crose’s term was over, so he could return to it.

Later in the meeting we discussed the leadership development program that we wanted to be a condition of Crose’s employment. While the details are still being hashed out by staff, generally, we want the program to help any Timberland employee further their education, gain experience and hopefully develop a handful of inside candidates for when Crose’s term is over and we reopen our search for an executive director.



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3 responses to “Ocean Park meeting: Director hire and leadership development program

  1. This is an interesting approach in creating the next executive director, and not what I was expecting. I could see it working, I guess, though a more directed approach seems like it would be more fruitful (e.g. having one or more assistant executive directors for the next few years who would become head honcho after Crose’s contract expired).

    Or a survivor-style reality TV format. That could work, and pay, and be quite fun. 🙂

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