The Olympian: Library tries to lock leader

Via ahniwa in comments, from the Olympian:

The governing board of the Timberland Regional Library voted Thursday to begin negotiations to keep the interim executive director in that job for two years.

The board of trustees also directed the interim director, Michael Crose, to initiate a program to groom the district’s future leader.
It held a special meeting to discuss next steps after the library director of Riverside, Calif., declined an offer to become the five-county district’s new executive director.

The board met in an executive, or closed, session for about an hour before reopening its doors to the public. A trustee immediately made a motion that passed unanimously. There was no discussion.

Board President Bob Hall declined comment when asked by a reporter afterward to explain the basis for the trustees’ decision. He said he hadn’t been instructed by the other trustees to give a public statement.

Added Rich Park, the district’s human resources manager: “Essentially, the decision speaks for itself.”


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One response to “The Olympian: Library tries to lock leader

  1. I’m curious about this part about “grooming the district’s future leader.” Does the board have someone in mind?

    I’m still available …

    Just sayin’. 🙂

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