Hernandez declines the offer

From a press release that just went out:

Media Contact: Jeff Kleingartner, Communications Manager, (360) 704-4507; or Leanne Ingle, Communications Specialist, (360) 704-4508.

TRL Executive Director Candidate Declines Offer

Timberland Regional Library (TRL) Board of Trustees announces that Leonard Hernandez, the candidate offered the TRL Executive Director position has chosen to decline the offer and continue in his current position as Library Director for the City of Riverside, California.

Mr. Hernandez declined the offer for personal reasons, but was very complimentary about the Timberland Regional Library organization, the trustees, staff and the hiring process.

The TRL Board of Trustees plans to hold a special meeting in the near future to discuss next steps. Michael Crose, Interim Executive Director will continue to serve in that capacity.



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5 responses to “Hernandez declines the offer

  1. Monica

    Words cannot describe my disappointment. Cannot even begin to describe my disappointment.

  2. lhisa

    Yes, this comes as a huge blow. In my decades as a TRL user and/or staff member, I have never seen the TRL “community” so engaged and excited by the search and selection of a new Director. I don’t know whether the Board feels it has the option to postpone hiring at this time, but I do hope they consider that option. Perhaps given time, another Director search will yield a larger pool of candidates. And perhaps at a future time, the reasons Mr. Hernandez cites in declining the offer will have become resolved, and TRL will have a second chance to hire this energetic and forward-thinking individual.

  3. Carole

    I totally agree with Lhisa on this one!

  4. Carole

    I totally agree with Lhisa on this one! Timberland needs to be energized in that way. I hope the board doesn’t go in the direction of their “second choice”. We had that once before years ago and it was disasterous. We don’t need a second choice we need a first choice! Give it some time and open it up again.

  5. This is disappointing on quite a few levels, not least of which the waste of money that goes into a search process like this, only to have the candidate decline once the offer is made.

    I feel like the offer made to Mr. Hernandez was appropriate, and I feel like he was disingenuous in declining.

    Another search or a second choice? A second choice is disheartening, but another search is just more money down the drain. It’s a tough choice….

    Thanks for keeping us up to date, Emmett.

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