Short note about our meeting next Monday

All the forums are over, I had a great time in Shelton today, which was followed eventually by the realization that I locked my keys in the car. Oh well, it was a good excuse to hang out at the Shelton Library longer and hang out in their new non-fiction shelve in front of the bookcrossing area.

The trustees will meet next Monday, and here is the meat of the notice that was sent out to the media earlier this week:

On June 14, 2010, at noon, the Timberland Regional Library Board of Trustees will convene a special meeting for the purpose of meeting in Executive Session pursuant to RCW 42.30.110 (g) to evaluate the qualifications of applicants for the position of Executive Director. The Board of Trustees will also take action as deemed necessary in open session regarding the selection of an Executive Director.

The meeting will be held at 415 Tumwater Blvd. SW, Tumwater, Washington.

I still very much would like to hear your opinions on the four candidates we’re considering, so please head over to director open thread and make your voice heard.



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6 responses to “Short note about our meeting next Monday

  1. kelsey

    I’m curious Emmett, what was the turnout like at the other candidate forums? Were they all as full as the Tumwater forum? And Shelton has a Bookcrossing program set up in the library? How awesome is that?

  2. I’d say its pretty darn awesome. I was wondering what other TRL branches have one, but BookXing doesn’t list spot for some reason.

    I went to one other forum in Shelton and there were at least two dozen people there, which seemed pretty good for the middle of the morning on a weekday.


  3. Scott

    I work at a TRL library and think a Bookcrossing shelf would be a cool idea. I’ll mention it to the supervisors. I’ve occasionally found bookcrossing books in the drop, so I usually just “wild release” them at a coffee house.

  4. Andrew Poultridge

    What happened Monday? Can you say anything?

    • @Andrew: We reviewed the interview and forum process and generally discussed the merits of each candidate. No decision was made on Monday, but we did vote in an open meeting to move the June 23 meeting from Mountain View to Chehalis. There was a concern that we wouldn’t have a quorum available if we didn’t meet in a more central location.

      We may have a final decision made at the meeting a week from tomorrow.

  5. Kelsie

    Just wanted to bring this article to your attention and others who read this blog. It seems to contradict that no decision has been made.

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