Short and incomplete notes from the Belfair meeting last week

This is a late (just about a week late) roundup post about the trustees’ meeting last Wednesday in Belfair. The reason this is late is because I have no notes from the meeting to speak of. Halfway through the night, I closed the lid on my laptop and because I was using a new operating system and hadn’t yet checked all the settings, my computer decided that shutting the lid meant shutting down.

So, there were three big decisions that I was able to take notes on.

1. The trustees will likely be getting emails sometime soon for official business. Some of us had already set up separate email addresses for our official work, but a few are using personal addresses, and that can open us up to Public Record Act requests.

2. We’re moving forward with redesigning the system’s logo. Staff made a great argument for the current logo being unrecognizable to our patrons (see the board packet). Something I didn’t know, but the current “Tree/Moon” logo was designed originally to help facilitate a split in library cards between TRL and Evergreen State College.

We haven’t made a decision on what logo we may go with (or any new logo at all) but we certainly want to see options.

3. We’ll also be receiving our board packets electronically from now on. In addition to making it easier for trustees to read them if they’re out of town and away from mail, it’ll make it easier and quicker for me to post them here. There was a short discussion whether to post them on the TRL website but we’ll hold of on that for now. But, I’ll still post them here.

4. In terms of the notes I lost, there was a good discussion on the catalog update and lots of good reasons for the rough sailing, most central being this is the first time this particular vendor has installed this catalog on the type of servers we own.

Gwen Culp also updated us on the progress of the broadband grant, which is too important to get wrong here, so I’ll write an update when I get the details.


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