Meeting packet preview with the best service story ever: Razor Clams (and some extra documents)

I got the packet in the mail tonight, and I’ll scan and post it on Monday with some summary. But, I had to share quickly this particular service story. Its overall awesomeness is unparalleled.

From the Ocean Park Library. Assuming if you work there, you need to know a thing or two about life at the beach:

We recently had a call from a patron who had a limit of razor clams but did not know how to clean them.  After talking with her for several minutes, Beth said if she brought in a clam, she would show her how it was done.  Beth showed her how to remove the shell and the other technique needed to clean a clam.  Our patron left very happy!

Because of course, you go to the library to learn how to clean a razor clam.

I can imagine the tail end of the phone call: “Look, uhmm no. Well, you don’t have that many to work with. Can you just come down here and I can show you?”

In addition to the packet material, there are a couple of other documents that came over email, a meeting memo and a rundown of recent activity at the foundation.


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