Next step for Ocean Shores: library

Ocean Shores is passing an emergency services levy. Next on the city’s to-do list is finding some stable funding for a library. From the Daily World:

French said the next big expense to deal with is the city’s library. The mayor said the Ocean Shores Library Board is floating the idea of a separate levy to fund the library.

Some on the library board are pushing for an advisory vote to go on the August ballot, French said. French said there are questiosn on what kind of property lax levy voters would support.

“The discussion is clearly to do a levy,” French said. “That’s very likely something the council would support, as well. But I’m not sure about doing an advisory vote on an off year where we’d bear the expense of it and then turning around and doing a real levy vote. There’s got to be some pretty serious discussions at the library board about that. No matter what’s decided, it’s an expense we have to deal with one way or another.”

From a report from TRL’s interim executive director, Micheal Crose, there have also been some discussions of annexing into TRL.

The only problem I can find with the city levying its own property tax to support a library is that a city in Washington cannot levy a dedicated tax to a library, the way it can for EMS or parks. State law prescribes very specific ways local government can function, and I’m not sure cities on their own can dedicated a piece of property taxes for libraries.

County or regional library districts are the only avenues for a dedicated levy that could only be used for library services (as far as I can tell). If I’m wrong on this one, let me know.


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