“Bootstraps” Rainier Library

Good job Rainier:

One year after the creation of a local library was proposed at a Rainier Historical Society meeting, the Rainier Volunteer Library will celebrate its grand opening.

The May 8 ceremony concludes a whirlwind year that brought the entirely volunteer-run library from dream to reality.

“This was how big of an outcry that the community wanted a library,” volunteer coordinator K. Kleeman said.

The library found a home in Rainier’s historic schoolhouse, sharing the facility with a new thrift store and local food bank. Much of the building required renovation, including new windows, paint and refinished floors.

“It was their vision, and it came out of the community,” program director Julie Dallavo said, calling the thrift store and food bank “keystones” to the building.


Timberland provided Rainier with a computer kiosk that allows residents to place holds on books and videos from any of the 27 Timberland branches. The reserved material is delivered to the Rainier library, where community members can pick it up.

Timberland has other kiosks in high-traffic areas throughout its service area, but this is the only one that is incorporated into a volunteer library.

“It’s a very cost-effective service for us to provide,” library communications specialist Leanne Ingle said. “They have every Timberland service except an actual collection of books.”


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