Trustee meeting report (Finances)

Some notes on finances:

  • TRL has only collected $16,000 in timber taxes (from private timber sales) this year, which is only 3 percent of the budgeted amount for this year. Compared to this time last year, we were at 23 percent.
  • On the other hand, revenue harvest from state timber lands is at 118% so far. The revenue from state lands is a smaller amount, so these two don’t exactly balance out.
  • Fines are still going strong. The system collected $30,000 in March, which about keeps up with the average monthly total so far.
  • And, Crose said that to maintain near current services, the 2011 budget will still probably needs to dip into cash reserves to balance the budget.

And,  just a short side note: I need to do better understanding and conveying this portion of the meeting. I’ve spent a great amount of time thinking about the budget, but there is still  a lot of it I’m trying to grasp. I was appointed to the budget committee of the trustees (along with policy), so hopefully my confidence in understanding the budget will increase.


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