Trustee meeting report (facilities in Yelm and Ocean Shores)

Here’s is the first section of a longer report from Wednesday. Instead of writing one large post, I’m going to break up the sections into shorter posts from now on.

The most important thing on Wednesday night, I think, was the facilities committee report toward the end of the meeting. Michael Crose, interim executive director, gave the report and there has been movement regarding Yelm and Ocean Shores, probably the districts two most pressing facility issues.

Yelm was made aware of the board’s decision last month to stick with the current ten year agreement, which could mean the Yelm library will close just over a year and a half from now. Crose said that he’s had a positive meeting with the Friends of the Yelm Library since the last trustee meeting.

In regards to Ocean Shores, Crose said he will have met with their local library board yesterday, and there is some interest in annexing to TRL and a vote on that issue could come as early as the August primary ballot. But, even that date would be too late for for the city to come in in 2011, because taxing district boundaries would be set by August.

Ocean Shores’ library is the only library in the district that isn’t part of Timberland. Because of the expense of running it, the city council there has been considering closing their library.


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