What’s great about Timberland part 4 (celebrating National Library Week)

4. Kiosks.

Since I’ve been studying TRL and how it operates, I’ve constantly been amazed by how smart is was for staff there to develop the library kiosk.

On the surface, its a pretty simple thing. A couple of computers, hooked up to the internet, where you can reserve a book. Every few days a courier comes by and drops books off and picks some up. You can also check out a book at a kiosk. And, now they’re working on you being able to check a book back in immediately, so you don’t have to wait for the courier to bring the book back to the closest branch for it to be checked back in. Which would is nice if you want to avoid getting a late fee and the next courier could be a few days off.

Best of all, the kiosks put library services in places where libraries can’t go right now, like a branch community college or a small town volunteer library (and here).

Here’s a link about rural libraries across America. Not really National Library Week related, but I thought it was interesting.


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