February 24, 2010 meeting agenda (in McCleary)

The Timberland Board will be meeting in McCleary this Wednesday, I’ve embedded the agenda below.

This will be my second meeting since seriously considering going for the open trustee position for Thurston County. I may be new to the process, but the agenda above seems very vague about what is going on at the meeting. I know there are meeting materials available for the meeting, but the agenda leaves little clue about what in particular will be discussed. Its nice to see an agenda before the meeting, but its even better to have some sort of information in addition to boiler plate “Vouchers, New business, Committee Reports.”

Also, I thought I might note, it will be interesting to get back to the McCleary library. In a previous career I was a reporter for the Montesano Vidette. I have distinct memories of the three libraries in the city’s I covered: Montesano, Elma and McCleary.

At the time, McCleary’s library was literally a room in city hall. I don’t remember it being that much bigger than the city hall chambers themselves, but I do remember it being absolutely packed with books.

Here’s an interesting piece at the Association of Washington Cities about how McCleary built their new library in 2001-03. With only just over $23,000 in direct funding, the city was able to cobble together grant funding and donations to build the new location.


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